Photo Retouching Services

I have professional photo retouching experience in portraiture, event coverage, and product photography. I am also very efficient at pathing. Please contact me if you have any questions on how I can help you or your business.

This page only covers my commercial photo services. If you’re looking for information regarding a private photo session, click the button below.

Locations I serve

Currently I only shoot for private portrait sessions. However, I am available for freelance photo retouching/processing services. There is no travel limit because I work remotely.

  • Cuyahoga County
  • Summit County
  • Medina County
  • Lorain County
  • Ashland County
  • Wayne County

Commercial Photography Services

Photo Retouching & Compositing

Are you a pro photographer or studio who needs to outsource photos for processing, pathing, and retouching? Need an image composite brought to life through Photoshop? I offer these creative services.

Graphic Design

I can design collateral like business cards, logos, brochures, et cetera.

Before & After Examples

From raw to retouched, here are some examples of photos that have been retouched or composited.

Hover over an image to see the before/original.

How Can I Help You?

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Copyright © 2018 Sarah Girosky Creative. All Rights Reserved.