About Me

I love captured moments, whether it be in photograph or video format. A photograph has the power to resurface memories, emotions, and sensory responses. It’s an incomparable way to keep alive a cherished time or the beautiful details about a loved one. I’m fond of digital media design (video post-production) for similar reasons. Video has the creative power to drive an emotional response, change thinking, create trust and likability, and make the complex easier to understand. 

My passion for digital media and photography has coursed through my veins since childhood. I can still recall my first experience with live video at the age of 5 or so. I was at an aunt’s house for a family get-together, and a VHS video camera was tethered to the TV. I danced around like a clown in front of the camera as I watched the instant playback on the TV. I was enamored with the technology!

As a teen, I would spend hours editing found video footage (of horses) to music for the pure enjoyment of it. Little did I know I was taking steps to what would become my career. When I’d go out for a trail ride, I’d pack my little point-and-shoot in a saddlebag and take dozens of photos of my precious horse, C.C. I’ve always found such satisfaction in getting a beautiful shot that can be treasured for many years to come. At shows, I always considered the most valuable memento to be a photograph–not a dusty, cheap ribbon. My horse C.C. is in horsey heaven now, but his memories and all that he taught me about hard work, dedication, discipline, and love are forever remembered in the photos I have of him.

In 2009, I graduated from the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Art where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Video Editing and Motion Graphics. Soon after, I was employed at a local video creative studio where I worked for almost 8 years in post-production. My clients came from a range of industries and included a few Fortune 500 companies. Some time in the middle of my career, I became very interested once again in photography. I began doing photo shoots as a side hustle. The photo fever started to become strong!

Currently, I work at a studio in Cleveland, where I still do video editing and motion graphics mainly and also assist in photo retoucher. My side hustle continues, as I chase my dream of being an equine photographer. I’m also a volunteer photographer at my church. My other interests include fitness, hiking, yoga, naturopathy, and nutrition. To learn more about the photo sessions I offer, click here. To learn more about my digital media services, please visit my Video Services Page.

Sarah Girosky - video editor, motion graphic artist and photographer in northeast Ohio
Sarah and CC in 2005
My senior photo from 2005 with my horse Calypso's Challenge.
One of our many favorite events - gymkhana.

My Style

My style of photography is vibrant and captures people’s natural expressions and personalities. I give photos a color treatment that is classic and pretty. Skin tones look soft and natural. I like to get a mix “planned candid” shots with posed shots during a session.

Who Are My Clients?

Photography Clients

I have two kinds of photo clients: 1) Individuals/families and 2) Studios and businesses.

My consumer photo clients understand that the purpose of having a photo session is not just about having nice photos to post to social media. The images produced in my sessions hold significance to them and deserve to be displayed openly in the home or in a beautiful album. Each time they pass by these images, they’ll remember the love they have for the people in the photos and the joy those people bring them. My clients desire to have images that rekindle memories, invoke feelings, and retain details about of the subjects in the images. The photographs tell stories and preserve legacies!

My commercial photo clients include studios/photographers in need of an extra hand to process and retouch photos, or a business in need of company headshots in a non-photo studio setting.

Video Clients

My video clients are commercially-based individuals and businesses (both big and small) looking to convey a message and/or emotion, or teach about a product or service with video footage they have already attained. They are usually looking for an all-in-one editing expert who can take their footage to the finish line (but sometimes they have a video and just need someone to create graphics). My clients appreciate attention to detail and efficiency. They often need specific design advice, or help conveying their message through copy (text on screen), or through animation. They rely on a quick-witted video editor for creative problem solving, and they desire their video to have a clear and concise message that keeps viewers’ attention. It should also follow their company’s branding rules, if applicable. My video clients can be local or 2,000 miles away. The beauty of technology makes this possible now.

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Copyright © 2018 Sarah Girosky Creative. All Rights Reserved.